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Canfield Towing

tow yard: 7131 akron canfield road  Canfield, OH, United States


At Canfield Towing,  we provide towing and recovery services to all vehicles and types of equipment. In addition to towing and recovery, we also provide roadside assistance and automotive work. 

If you don't see what you are looking for, contact us today. (330) 533-2408 or by EMail info@canfieldtowing.comr\a

Emergency Road Services include:

Tire Change

​Snow and Ice removal services

​Air Line Thawing service

​Heavy Duty Jump Start

Pull Start

​Lockout Service

​Over the Road light mechanical work

​Fuel and Fluid Delivery

​Load Shifts

​Part procurement

​Battery Change

​Hydraulic Line replacement

​Air Line replacement/ repair

​Tree removal